Midwifery – Week 3 (Sept)

Image result for midwiferyMidwives are involved in all stages of a woman’s pregnancy, labour and early post-natal period. Midwifery is a specialist form of nursing, and requires different training and qualifications, although there is a shortened form of training for existing qualified nurses. Midwifery courses at University are always extremely competitive, with a standard requirement of 2 or more A-Levels or equivalent, and associated strong GCSE qualifications. The competition for places is driven by the massive reward to be had in midwifery as a career, from the social interactions involved in supporting parents and their babies, to the medical training and knowledge required to handle each different  situation. Midwives oten describe their job as ‘privileged’. The role they have in preparing women for the birth of a new life makes them a key healthcare professional during all stages of pregnancy, labour and the early postnatal period.

Salary range: £21,500 – £35,000

Links for interested students:

NHS Guidance, careers in midwifery (make a difference)

Bournemouth University (insight to midwifery)

Being a midwife is ‘the best job in the world’

Which University? Guide to finding the right course



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